Please can you provide some background information and answer questions about any other business interests you might have, and introducers you receive leads from.

What is an introducer?

The definition of an Introducer is a Firm or Individual who provides you with leads on a regular basis, sometimes (but not always) in exchange for remuneration.  This will ordinarily be an estate agent, for example.  However, it could also be someone from whom you purchase leads.  Please record anyone who meets this criteria below.  (Please note that it is not necessary to record any existing clients who provide you with ad hoc client referrals where those being referred are genuinely family members or friends of the existing client, and no financial reward is expected.

After completing your first entry, you will be presented with a further 9 allocations.


I declare:

I declare that the information I have supplied in this form is complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I will promptly notify Finance Planning of any changes in the information I have provided.

This includes my understanding of the requirement to inform Finance Planning where any existing Introducer relationships are cancelled.  And also before taking any leads from any new Introducer, I understand the need to inform Finance Planning in order that their required due diligence can be completed.

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