Compliance News 08/20 (Deceased Clients)

We have recently conducted an email mail-out to most of our clients held in The Key.  Many thousands of emails have gone out, and regrettably, two of these emails went to clients who have recently died.

When conducting these mail-outs we go to great lengths to check the data, i.e. we
cross-reference with the mailing preference service (MPS) as well as another system which flags deceased individuals.  Unfortunately, in this instance, neither system highlighted either of these two clients.

Also, neither insurers nor lenders inform Finance Planning where a client dies, and this is due to DPA issues.  Therefore, unless Advisers are made aware of a client dying, and in turn, they tell us, we have no way of knowing that client has died.

For someone to see correspondence meant for a family member that has passed away, can be very upsetting, and we want to put further measures in place to try and avoid this happening going forward.  If you are aware that a client has died, we need this recorded on our records.

How do I record a Deceased Client?

Quite simply, please email our Data Controller (Pete Burgess) with details of your client who has died.  Alternatively, their next of kin can update their Privacy Settings at  This link can be found on our Privacy Notice on any of our websites.

We will then ensure our records are updated so that no further communications are sent to that person. We will also go into The Key and update the client record to highlight they have died and we will remove all of their contact details.

What’s next?

Please simply have a think about any of your clients who might have died in the past few years, and we will ensure that their contact details are deleted so that they do not receive any unwelcome letters, emails or calls.

Thank you.

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