Compliance News 11/20 (Second and subsequent sales in The Key)

One very handy feature of The Key is that when you need to add a subsequent sale in The Key, perhaps two years after your previous sale, a substantial amount of the previous Fact Find is pre-populated for you, when you create a “new sale”.

Potential Issues.

It is really important that you take time to cross-reference the existing client details with anything new that might have changed.  For instance, incomes are very unlikely to have remained the same in two or more years and so they will need updating, as may the likes of the employer, the intended retirement age and most likely the budget planner too, to name but a few.

Hidden fields.

It’s not just the obvious fields that will need updating.  An amount of information in stored behind “more” tabs.  One such piece of information is Financial Commitments.  We specifically mention this because it is proving to be an issue currently where we are carrying out unnecessary ‘record-keeping checks’ on cases believing them to be Debt Consolidation where they are not (and we are sure you don’t want to be subjected to having additional cases checked!).  These cases are being flagged for checking because if you correctly recorded some debts in the Financial Commitments section of the Fact Find for the previous sale, or perhaps the one previous to that even, then these debt will continue to carry through to a new Fact Find too.

It is therefore important that you don’t just assume that the only data-carrying through to your new Fact Find is what you can clearly see.  There is information stored in the “more” tabs too.

Here is the “more” tab for Financial Commitments which shows existing debt at the time of the previous sale, and this is just one of the “more” tabs that we require you to check when reviewing/completing the Fact Find on your subsequent sales.

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