Self Sale Policy – Protection Only


Adviser Declaration Needed for Own Life Sales (protection only, as mortgages must be transacted by another licensed Adviser).

You will need to confirm to Pete Burgess and/or your Supervisor that you realise you are doing the application on an Execution Only basis and that no advice will/has been given to you [or your partner, if applicable]. Also that in doing the application you understand that at no time in the future will you [or your partner, if applicable] be able to make a complaint to FPG, or about FPG, in regards to you [both] taking out the policy/ies.

You then needs to put the same in a letter format signed by themselves [and partner, if applicable], then attach a copy of the signed letter to the case in The Key.


Sales Manager needs to add a Note to The Key to confirm the Own Life Sale has been agreed and what the situation should be concerning commission, i.e. ok to take indemnity, or must be non-indemnity. The insurer may well insist on non-indemnity anyway.

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