Smartr 365

It’s a good idea to collect our questions in one place as I suspect we will all draw similar conclusions. As such, if you have a question, please can I ask that you list it here so that the team at Smartr365 can work through it.

If you would like to view some of the training sessions, you can do so by visiting the Knowledge Hub.

NB. Business Critical submissions are to be addressed by phone direct to the individual. Please can I ask Smartr365 representatives to be proactive in checking and calling?

Your NameSectionQueryGrade
David WiseFact-FindWhen adding BTL in 2nd applicants name only (not in joint names), property is NOT displayed on the 'existing property' summary screen.High Priority
David WiseReportingOn the dashboard - everyone is #1 ?Enhancement
Dan MulesFact-FindDisplay Solicitor phone number on case summary pageEnhancement
David WiseSet UpDashboard ranking dosent seem to be configured for team? All advisors are number 1?Medium Priority
Mark NinnimCustomer PortalHow can you invite to portal and not factfind?Medium Priority
David WiseCustomer PortalSet up templates for customer portalMedium Priority
Mark NinnimSuitability LetterLine spacing between tokens - need to remove additional spaceLow Priority
Mark NinnimSet UpChanging user teams needs fixingLow Priority
Ben HartFact-FindHow do you delete a client?Low Priority
Mark NinnimReportingNeed to set up PowerBI for Fitch & FitchMedium Priority
Mark NinnimReportingAbility to mark a file compliance approvedEnhancement
Mark NinnimFact-FindMandatory fields and menu visible validation for section completionEnhancement
Mark NinnimConnectHas the Barclays broker surname issue been resolved?High Priority
Dan MulesFact-FindCan we remove the pension and investment options under sections as we don't advise on these ever ?Enhancement
Dan MulesFact-FindIs there an entry field for the accountants address ?Enhancement
David WiseHow?How to change team membership in user managementLow Priority
David WiseFact-FindWhy is the self employed address not noted on smartr?Enhancement
David WiseReportingReports dont seem to include Broker Fees , can you confirm how we get visability of of all fees recorded ?Enhancement
David WiseFact-FindBudget planner needs updating/more fields to represent lender q’s.Enhancement
David WiseFact-FindNeed a free notes section under self employed inoperable for complex cases (sale box as available for employed applicants)Enhancement
David WiseSet UpConveyancing services not set upLow Priority
David WiseReportingClient fees not included as part of case written value on dashboard?Enhancement
Danielle RasorHow?I have keyed 2 cases on the system but there is no commission / case value showing on the dash board despite completing the fee section. Medium Priority
David WiseCustomer PortalSDLT calculator is not pulling orrect info on purchaseHigh Priority
David WiseFact-FindSDLT calcultor customer facing is pulling incorect infoHigh Priority
Mark NinnimHow?What triggers an email telling a client to check their portal?Medium Priority
Dan MulesHow?A session on Twenty7Tec by experienced userHigh Priority
David WiseTwenty 7 TecProduct rate control periods not pulling through to Fact Find?Enhancement
Dan MulesTwenty 7 TecThe ERC £'s does not pull through to smarter under mortgage details.Enhancement
Dan MulesTwenty 7 TecCan the Illustrations (PDFS) pull back from TSTech ref clients names or products etc? rather than just "ESIS9" as an exampleEnhancement
Dan MulesFact-FindWhy do joint applicants appear as individuals under "cases" and not in joint names?Low Priority
Mark NinnimSet UpNeed to keep logo 1:1 opposed to 4:3Enhancement
Mark NinnimOtherWhen can we have training videos (MN to discuss with CO)Solved
Mark NinnimHow?I need to understand how documents are pulled back from T7Tec.Medium Priority
Mark NinnimSuitability LetterWhen will FPG MRWL go live?
High Priority